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Teacher: Mr. A. McCarthyClass E-mail: rbshistoryclass@gmail.com

** If you have any questions about any assignments feel free to e-mail them.  The class e-mail will be checked at 5 pm and 9 pm every night during which I will answer any questions you may have. **

What to expect on a daily basis:Class will begin each day with a bell ringer assignment. I expect you to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings with ALL necessary materials and working on the bell ringer assignment. If you need to sharpen a pencil or get a tissue, do so BEFORE the bell rings. Any time there is an announcement being made or a visitor at the classroom door, you need to stop what you’re doing, wait quietly, and listen for instructions. Generally there will be 3 lecture/discussion days each week, with the other 2 days reserved for other activities and assignments. At the end of class, I will dismiss you, not the bell.  The bell is set to let teachers know when class time is over, not to dismiss the students.

Behavioral Expectations and Consequences:In my classroom, I expect you to respect others and take responsibility for your actions. There will be no lying, no bullying, no swearing, no teasing, no rude gestures, or put-downs of any kind.  I expect you to follow all directions the first time they are given – whether or not you understand why I am asking you to do something, you will comply with directions. Honesty is very important - the consequences for choosing to do wrong will be worse if you lie about it. The classroom should be a place where ideas are freely and respectfully expressed and students participate appropriately in classroom learning activities.  My classroom expectations are fairly straightforward. I give you several opportunities to choose to do what’s right with the “three strikes and you’re out” policy. You get two warnings and then consequences will follow. 






When you are not doing what you should be doing, I will give you two warnings. If you continue the behavior, there will be consequences for your choices. Possible consequences include two warnings, parent contact, common detention – 45 minutes, or an office referral to the principal. There is a stapler, hole punch, and tape dispenser that is next to the homework tray. You are welcome to use these resources for academic purposes.  Unless I call you up to my desk, you have no business being at/near/around my desk or sitting in my desk chair. If I am absent and a substitute teacher leaves me a note regarding your conduct, you will receive an automatic office referral, regardless of the situation. Sleeping in class is unacceptable, as are all electronic devices (cell phone, camera, iPod, etc). Finally, no food, drink, gum, or candy is permitted in this classroom.

Grading, Homework, & Extra Credit Policy:As high school students, there are high expectations that I expect you to meet. RBS operates on a credit system. You must earn a certain number of credits each year to advance to the next grade level.  I use a 40, 40, 20 weight scale.  This means Daily grades and Weekly Test each are 40 % of your final grade, and the Nine Weeks Exam is 20% of your final grade.  I DO NOT give grades, you EARN them. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the day they are due. You may put them in the appropriate homework tray as you enter the classroom. Be sure that these assignments have your name (first and last), date, and class (i.e., American Government).  Assignments are expected to be complete and handed in on-time at the beginning of the class period.  They are due for the possibility of 100% credit, with the exception of excused absences, as defined by the school handbook. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE ANY WORK YOU MISS DUE TO ABSENCE(S). Late (unexcused) work will be accepted no later than the beginning of the class period one week following the assignment due date for the possibility of 50% credit. Unexcused absences will result in a zero for any work done on the date of the unexcused absence. Any missing assignment at the end of the term will result in a zero being recorded for each missing assignment. I do not generally give extra credit assignments unless a student is in danger of failing at the end of a grading period and ALL assignments have been completed and handed in on-time and the student has a history of good behavior and effort in the classroom. If a student “needs” extra credit to raise their grades, it is generally because they are not doing their regular assignments. In those cases, adding more work to the list of assignments that are already not being completed is not an effective solution. I reserve the right to give extra credit assignments at my discretion.  I also reserve the right to deviate from this syllabus as I see fit. 

Grading Policy:

A       100-90

B        89-80         

 C        79-70

D       69-68

F        67-0