Hello parents and students!!!  My name is Arlander McCarthy, and I will be your history teacher for this school year.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a native of Greenville, MS.  I am a 2006 graduate of Mississippi State University.  I earned my bachelor's degree in History.  Before I began teaching, I worked for three years at a healthcare company.  I am currently working on my master's degree in secondary education.  I will be finish in May of 2010.  I have two sisters (Quintasha and LaQuita), three brothers (Alvin, Travis, and Mekhi), three nieces, and one nephew.  I enjoy being around my family, reading, sports, and teaching.  You will come to find out that I am huge fan of Mississippi State (GO DAWGS). 

My purpose as a teacher is to help you prepare for your life after high school, whether that means entering the work force or pursuing higher education when you successfully complete your high school education. Part of being a well-educated person and an effective citizen is understanding historical and cultural information, trends and patterns, and seeing how the past relates to the present. Through class activities and assignments this year, you will be given the opportunity to acquire and deepen your knowledge and skills in these areas.